Day-long pre-symposium tutorials with hands on training will be organized by industry experts on December 28, 2017 at the Symposium venue. The tracks for the tutorials are:

  • Tutorial topics
  • 1. FPGAs and Soft-processors
    The MAX_10_Dev Board board
    Hands-on FPGA, VHDL and Softcore Processor Training
    The MAX_10_Dev Board board presents a compact and low priced FPGA development platform suitable for new comers to the FPGA world. The on-board Altera/Intel® MAX® 10 FPGA revolutionizes non-volatile integration by delivering advanced processing capabilities in a low-cost, single chip small form factor programmable logic device. The board is designed to be used in the simplest possible implementation targeting the Intel/Altera MAX10 device up to 2000 LEs. The MAX_10_Board has a collection of interfaces including two external GPIO headers to extend designs beyond the MAX_10_Board, on-board USB-to-serial interface device for interfacing to a PC, as well as general user peripheral with LEDs, 7-segment displays and push-buttons.
    What you’ll learn and take away?
    A full day theory + hands-on workshop on using FPGAs, VHDL and soft-core processors. Participants will be given a take-away FPGA development board. More details can be seen here in the course contents.
    2. Business intelligence tools

    Day-long hands-on tutorial on Business Intelligence will introduce tools such as “ORANGE” and “WEKA”. A performance comparison of these tools will also be covered. These tools are open source and doesn’t require any specific configuration. It is preferable that the student is aware of basic concepts of data mining and data mining algorithm such as Classification and clustering algorithm

  • Tutorial Faculties (TFC)
    • FPGAs and Soft-processors: Mr. Mandar Saraf, Mr. Yuvaraj E., Mr. Dipankar Sil, Mr. Pathaleswar, TIFR Mumbai
    • Business Intelligence Tools: Ms. Aarti Karande, SPIT, Mumbai & Mr. Milind Karande, Senior IT Professional, Mumbai.

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