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Automotive Cyber security Analysis and Blockchain Technology
Dr. Madhusudan Singh, PhD, Senior Member IEEE
  • About Speaker:
  • Dr. Madhusudan Singh, PhD,
    Senior Member IEEE,
    Research Professor,
    Yonsei Institute of Convergence Technology (YICT),
    Yonsei University, Korea.
    webpage: https://sites.google.com/site/madhusudaniiita/

  • Topic: Automotive Cyber Security Analysis and Blockchain Technology
  • Abstract:
  • This talk mainly focus on following major topics such as, how can adaption of Blockchain is an incredible promise to build trust without sharing any personal information of vehicle and users? Secure decentralized and distributed data for Internet Connected Vehicles. Finally, I would like to discuss how Blockchain technology helps to solve and build trustworthy environment between user-to-user, user to machine and machine to machine.
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Embracing the Software defined era with SDN/NFV
Mr. Subodh Gajare,
Senior Solutions Architect @ Cisco (Blore – R&D center)
  • About Speaker:
  • Mr. Subodh Gajare,
    Senior Solutions Architect @ Cisco (Blore – R&D center)

  • Industry profile:
    • Largely focused on telecom software testing, integration and designing multi-service IT solutions (24 years)
    • Passionate for grooming young technical talent and foster innovation at Cisco
    • Responsible for building Digital Transformation architectures using IoT , Machine learning and Analytics
    • Delivering Cloud, Virtualization, SDN/NFV, Mobility and IoT business solutions
    • Regular Industry speaker for IEEE events, IoT Industry Summit, Cisco Live, Partner Summits and SDN forums.
  • Topic: Embracing the Software defined era with SDN/NFV
  • Abstract:
  • Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is an exciting new approach to network IT Service Management. The benefits from SDN are enhanced further with NfV (Network Function Virtualization) – an open framework for virtualization network functions with agility on the Cloud.
    This Tech talk will demystify the digital trends and triggers faced by Service providers (SP) and Enterprises (Ent) in their landscape. The ‘New Normal’ requires Flexibility, Agility, Costs Reduction at DevOps speed. The industry has identified SDN + NfV (with Orchestration) as the most appropriate and promising path to drive the network evolution to the next stage.
    If you are trying to understand what SDN + NFV is , why do i need to learn it, then this talk is for you. Since SDN extends IT flexibility and functionality which impacts Engineering and Operations teams, we’ll also cover the IT Service Management impact. Finally, we’ll explore what skills and capabilities are needed to take advantage of SDN + NFV.

Nudges of open source to digital transformation
Mr. Vishal Mehrotra,
Global Head – Open Source Platform, ATU @ Tata Consultancy Services
  • About Speaker:
  • Vishal Mehrotra is the Global Head – Open Source Platform, at Tata Consultancy Services. He brings with him 25+ years of diverse IT experience in consulting and solutions. In his current role, his primary responsibility is to help customers strategize, adopt and implement open source based IT solutions. He also works closely with the leading open source technology provider to create impactful solutions catering to the customer’s challenges and monetize them. He is an engineer by profession from IIT, Kanpur.

  • Topic: Nudges of open source to digital transformation
  • Abstract:
  • In the current market conditions, enterprises need to keep reinventing to keep pace with the new customer expectations and demands. In this session, learn how open source is in the fore front and nudging the enterprises to constantly evolve themselves with the technology advancements.

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